5 Delicious Jelly Recipes Kids Love!

Kids love jellies, plus they are unbelievably easy to make. Take a look at these simple jelly recipes which will help you delight your kids this coming summer.


1. Bubble-Gum Strawberry Jelly

Bring the bubble-gum jelly flavor and mix it with 225ml boiling water. Divide the mixture into equal portions. Mix one half with about 100ml water and the other half with about 100ml strawberry yogurt.
Pour the first half into glasses and leave that to set. Then pour the remaining yogurt half on top and place it in the fridge to let it set. Garnish with the cake decoration and straws!


2. Cola Float Jelly

Prepare a cola flavor jelly according to the instructions given on the packet. Pour it into a square dish and keep it in the fridge to let it set. Once it is set, take it out of the fridge and then cut it into squares with the help of a knife. Serve the jellies along with ice cream and garnish it with your favorite topping!


3. Red Velvet Jelly Cupcakes

Mix and make the dragon fruit jelly flavor as instructed on the packet. Pour into the silicone cupcake molds, and place it in the refrigerator to set. After setting, take the jelly out of the molds and place on a serving plate. Top and garnish with whipped cream, chocolate shavings or fresh cream…the choice is yours!


4. Sour Jelly

Prepare a candy floss or a bubble gum jelly and mix all the contents according to the instructions which are given on the packet. Fill the bottom of transparent glass of your choice with small marshmallows, sour jellies or gummy bears. Then fill your glass to the top with jelly and keep it in the fridge to set.


5. Astro Jelly

Mix the three colors jellies, that is the Bubble gum, Dragon Fruit and Candy Floss according to the given instruction. Get a transparent glass of your choice and then pour the Candy Floss jelly in a 1/3 of the glass. Place it in the fridge for an hour to set. After an hour add some Bubble-gum and place it back into the fridge to set for an hour and then lastly pour the Dragon Fruit and let it set. After it is fully set, add blue pink and purple Astros and decorate it with some pretty small marshmallows or even some whipped cream and decorative sprinkles to the top.


These jelly recipes will surely help you make your kids happier this summer! You know what else can make them happier? A short trip to a fun destination like Kidz Lounge in Staten Island. To know more about the place, connect with us now!

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