Want To Plan A Disney Theme Party? Here Are The Options Your Kids Will Love!


Selecting a theme for your kid’s birthday party is a great idea. All the decorations, costumes, and gifts according to the specified theme make the party even more extraordinary. One of the most popular birthday party themes for kids is Disney.  It is a single theme that integrates a variety of different Disney characters from the famous cartoon television shows and movies. All the Disney characters from the Mickey Mouse right down to the beautiful and lovely princesses, bring a special feeling of joy, happiness and love to numerous kids around the world. Luckily, it is relatively easy to plan and throw a Disney-themed party, as the supplies are easily obtainable from stores that sell party decoration items.

Here we bring you a list on how to throw your kid a Disney themed party.

Selecting a Disney Theme:

The world of Disney integrates a varied collection of cartoon characters. It will be a good idea to begin by picking a precise feature of Disney. You can make the theme general, like a “Mickey and friends” party or you can make it more specified, like “The Lion King” jungle themed party.

Here are a few other interesting themes to choose from:

  • Finding Nemo underwater themed party.
  • Disney Princess themed tea party.
  • Peter Pan themed wonderland party.
  • Toy story themed indoor party and much more!

Selecting Date and Venue:

Once you have selected the theme, it is now time to move on to selecting a date and venue for the event. You should look to book the desired venue at least 5-6 weeks before the actual date, so you can confirm its availability. Another great advantage is that all your guests will have some time to respond to invitations.

Ideas for Invitation Cards:

Inviting people to your kid’s Disney theme party can be something you and your kids can really enjoy doing. Here are a few ideas that may work for you;

  • Get a professional photographer to shoot pictures of your kid with the selected Disney characters. These will make great covers for the invitation letters.
  • Take an 8.5 x 11” paper sheet and get two prints on it, so that you can make two invites out of one page. Cut the pages in half and add the remaining detailing and touches to enhance its appeal.
  • You can add Disney essence to each invitation card by adding cartoon stamps, figurines or Mickey Mouse ears.

Party Food Ideas:

If you don’t want to go for the conventional party food, you can order or make some Disney-themed snacks for the party. Here are some ideas:

  • Tater Tots: Give these snacks a Timon and Pumba theme, by shaping your tater tots into bug forms.
  • Cupcakes: You can create Disney themed cupcakes if you have some good icing skills. Otherwise you can order some from a bakery.
  • Tea Party: Alice in Wonderland themed tea cups would give a wonderland feel to the party.

Similarly, you can experiment with other party food too.

All these ideas will combine to give you the opportunity to plan a great Disney themed party for your kid.

Have more ideas? We would love to know them in comments!


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