Surprise Your Kids With A Pre-Christmas Party

Surprise Your Kids With A Pre-Christmas Party


Christmas is the most awaited time of the year. While you go out frantically shopping and buying gifts for friends and family, children’s excitement increases day by day.  Moreover, just like how you need a break from work and life, kids too need a break from their routine. So it is a great idea to surprise your kids with a surprise pre-Christmas party.

So, here are a few pre-Christmas party ideas that you can plan out and see your child’s startling reactions!

1. Gingerbread House Making

Bring out the creativity in your kids by having a gingerbread house making contest party! Your kids can invite their friends and enjoy together. Pre-bake and build all small parts of a house out of gingerbread, set an array of candies and sprinkles, shredded coconut and give each child a royal icing pouch. Show them a basic technique of how to decorate and let them get started. You can give out small sized aprons or gingerbread-man cookies as return gifts.

If you have teenagers, take the game a notch higher by letting them design and bake their own houses.

2. Sing Christmas Carols

Singing carols is so heart-warming that it beats the cold winter night outside. Gather your guests and hand them a songbook each, with some of the common and favorite carols. For children, sing a few hymns or songs of their choice, like ‘joy to the world’ or ‘Rudolph, the red nose reindeer.’

Then move out singing door to door in your neighborhood and have the kids present some cookies or some greeting before you move to the next house.

3. Polar Express Pajama Party

A Christmas story is loved by everyone. Especially the Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg or the movie starring Tom Hanks. So invite your kid and their friends over for a pajama party. Make the invitations look like train tickets. You can also include a scene from the film by serving hot chocolate like it was shown. A train shaped cake will become the star of the party. During the party, take turns to read out the story or watch the film. In the end, gift a jingle bell to the kids, with reference to how the boy in the Polar Express believes in Santa Claus.

4. Celebrate At Kidz Lounge:

Kidz Lounge is the ideal party destination for kids in town! We offer a wide range of packages and special events at affordable rates so you can choose your package as per your convenience. You should check the Wednesday special event that hosts a refreshing party for your little ones. Alternatively, book a movie night for them. It is the perfect pre-Christmas party surprise or your kids.

5. Christmas Around The World:

Give your kids a party with an international twist. Assign different countries to each child and be sure to include countries like Turkey (homeland of St. Nicholas), Mexico (where families recreate Mary and Joseph’s search for a place to live in, Bethlehem) and Germany (where decorating the Christmas tree initiated). Find out how each of those countries celebrates Christmas and ask each child to talk about the process or sing songs relevant to their countries. Party with popular food and drinks.

For teenagers, you can conduct the same activity with an upgrade by assigning the countries to the kids beforehand and asking them to bring a dish accordingly. Sing songs and dance the night out with them!


Surprise your kids because Christmas comes only once in a year! We wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.


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