October Birthday? Here Are 5 Awesome Halloween Themed Ideas!


If your child’s birthday falls in October, and they’re a fan of Halloween, you may find them asking for a Halloween themed birthday party! Here’s how to add a little spooky fun to your event!


Spooky Snacks

From creepy cupcakes and candy corn to slimy jello eyeballs, there are plenty of ways to include the Halloween spirit in your party menu.

Consider the snacks you’d usually offer at a kids’ party and work out how you could update them for the season using colours, decorations and molds.

In addition to all those sweet treats, you may also want to provide some savory snacks. Try making ‘finger’ sandwiches, veggies cut into eerie shapes and served with dip or even pizza topped with mozzarella ‘ghosts’!

You could even incorporate your Halloween theme into your birthday cake, using spooky colors, edible cobwebs and fondant creepy crawlies.


Horrifying Games

Add a spooky twist to traditional party games or try out some Halloween-inspired ones instead!

  • Mummy Wrap: Split your guests into pairs. As the music starts, one will begin wrapping the other from head to toe in crepe paper or fabric. Once wrapped, the ‘mummy’ will need to run to the finish line to beat the others.
  • Spooky Piñata: Piñatas always go down a treat, but why not fill yours with Halloween candy instead? Candy corn, themed chocolate and jellies are all excellent choices.
  • Mystery Bowl: Your guests will take turns at being blindfolded before putting their hands into the bowl and guessing its contents. While they may be creeped out by the ‘eyeballs’ and ‘guts’, they’re really just peeled grapes, spaghetti and pudding mix!
  • You may also want to try your hand at old-fashioned Halloween favorites like bobbing for apples.


Ghoulish Décor

Whether you focus your theme on your plates, cutlery, streamers, balloons or centrepieces, there are plenty of ways to incorporate Halloween into your venue’s surroundings.

Try using traditional Halloween colors like black, orange, green or purple as well as the symbols we all know and love such as cats, bats, owls, pumpkins, witches and magic!


Terrifying Tributes

Why not pay tribute to your child’s favorite scary movie or TV show? Obviously adult-oriented horror movies won’t be appropriate. However, many kids are fans of the lighter spookiness you’ll find in family favorites like Harry Potter or Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Try featuring your child’s favorite characters and costumes or even make your own movie-style props such as spell books, broomsticks or potions!


Creepy Activities

Why not involve some traditional Halloween activities as well as creative party games? Kids will love having some fun carving pumpkins or even making some DIY trick or treat bags!


Kids will love the atmosphere of a scary but fun theme, just be careful not to scare them too much!


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