How To Help Kids Choose Their Favorite Birthday Party Elements


Is your kid’s birthday coming around? It can be a stressful time for a parent to get everything right and special for their kid. When you sense the day coming close, you look for magazines and web for some ideas to plan the party for your kid. All that is good, but it may be a bit impersonal.

How about involving your kid in planning the birthday party? This could be an amazing bonding experience with your child and will help you throw a birthday party that your child will actually love. Moreover, it is their birthday so they should get a say on what they want!

Here’s how you can involve kids into the preparations and helping them choose their favorite elements for the birthday party:

  • Planning a Theme:

The first thing to decide, when throwing a party, is a theme for the event. Ask your kid what their favorite cartoon, gaming, comic book or movie character is. They will probably have a few. You can pick one by thinking about which one would be easier to plan and will make for an exciting birthday party. Fancy dress themes are also popular with kids, so you can put some ideas in front of them to choose.

  • Getting a Dress:

The birthday dress of your kid is of great importance. You can help your kid figure out if they would like to wear a dress related to the theme of the party or a different trendy outfit. Whichever dress they want to go with, you can probably arrange that from a local store.

  • Decorations:

You will definitely be needing to buy decorations to put up for the theme party. Take your kid along with you and give them the options at the store to choose from. Looking at the decorations available to you may also help picking out a theme. Explain to your kid how each decoration can help make the party more attractive or how some decorations can overdo the theme. Kids love it when they are involved in bigger decisions.

  • Games and Activities:

Chances are your kid already has a number of games in their mind for the party. You can help them choose ones that all kids might like to play. Activities that promote bonding between kids should be given importance. Trying out the activities beforehand with your kid will give them a great idea of which gaming elements to choose.

  • Party Food:

Which kid doesn’t like snacks and party food? This might just be your kid’s most favorite element of the party after the games and activities. If you are going for a themed event, you can help your child select party food that can be customized according to the theme of the party. Your kid will love frostings on cupcakes and snacks shaped liked cartoon characters.

Do you think these tips will help you plan your kid’s birthday party while letting them do the decisions? J

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