5 Exciting Party Games For Toddlers

5 Exciting Party Games For Toddlers


There are lots of fun and engaging party games which you can plan for your toddler’s party to make it fun and exciting for them as well as their friends.

Here is a list of five amusing party games which will be perfect for your little toddler’s birthday!


1. Passing The Ball

Passing the ball is a baby version of pass the parcel.  You can tell all the kids to sit around in a circle and pass a ball through them and play some music at the backdrop. Whoever has the ball at the time when music stops get to dance or sing in the midst of the circle and also pick a price kept for them. You can make the game faster as the circle gets smaller and in the end, everyone has a prize! Kids sure love such party games and so will you.


 2. Music Statue

Play some music on the sound system and ask all the kids to dance around, and when the music stops, everybody needs to freeze.  The one who stands still for longest gets to collect the prize and if a few kids sit out early, you can continue the game with them. Through such party games, you can spice up the atmosphere!


3. Follow The leader

All kids love party games like follow the leader. Get the kids in a line behind an adult and play music. The adult will slowly run around like a little snake trail in the yard.  This game becomes funnier if you bring in some little obstacles or funny actions like waving, kicking and so on.


4. Chase The Bubbles

You cannot imagine a toddler’s party without party games and a bubble machine. Then why not club them together? Let the kids take turns and try to chase as colorful bubbles as they can or else, they just run around near a bubble machine. With this game, you may not even need another one for entertaining the kids!


5. Duck And Goose

Party games like duck and goose are an old favorite. Let all the kids sit in a circle with one walking around and tapping the others on the head and saying “duck, duck, duck” then, randomly, they say “goose”. After saying goose, the kid stands up and tries to chase them around the circle.  If the tapper is chased, then the new kid becomes the new goose. This game is funnier for 8-10 year olds who can understand party games well.


Party games are even more enjoyable in a fun environment. So why not bring your kids to Kidz Lounge and enjoy some amazing party games with them in a fabulous, lively and vibrant ambiance? :)


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