Birthday Party Etiquette: Are You Following The Rules?


Whether this is the first kids party you’re hosting or you’ve done it all before, it’s still important to make sure you do things the right way.

Etiquette when hosting a party for kids is just as important as it would be among adults at a get-together, so be sure to read up on birthday party etiquette before you begin!


The Invitations

Plan in advance who’s going to be invited to your child’s party and then determine the best way to deliver their invitation.
This could range from handing invites out in class or giving the invitation directly to the child’s parents. It’s also worth noting that your child’s school may have rules when it comes to handing out invitations. Some schools prohibit giving invites on school grounds unless the whole class is invited.

Regardless of how you do it, try to be sensitive to kids feelings if you suspect some may feel left out.


The Gifts

Although your child will be excited and may be tempted to rip off the paper as soon as they’re handed a gift, it’s important to show them why that’s not the best idea.

Place the gifts to one side and allow the child to open them after the guests have left. That way, you save time during the party, prevent jealousy, avoid the awkwardness of multiple identical gifts, and give your child something to look forward to.

Just remember to take note of who gave which gift so your child can thank them later on.


The Games

Don’t worry about kids feeling left out when they ‘lose’ a game! Most kids understand that not everyone can be the winner every time, so there’s no reason to cut out games entirely.

The only etiquette here is to make sure everyone gets a small trinket as a consolation prize, as well as ensuring the main prize is something fun yet sensible. Offering up the hottest expensive new toy will only create jealousy and negativity amongst young party goers.


The Goodie Bags

Whether or not you choose to include a goodie bag is completely up to you – there’s no right or wrong here.

However, if you’re looking for an easy way to include a little farewell gift for your guests, it’s worth noting that many themes provided by venues include these in the cost!

At Kidz Lounge, each party package comes with a Party Favor Box full of fun and treats kids will love.


The Thank You Cards

While some may think they’re old fashioned, thank you cards are still an essential. They teach your child that it’s important to thank someone who has spent their time and money on you, as well as showing your guests that their kind gestures are appreciated.


While etiquette is always important to take into consideration, the most important thing is to be friendly, positive and focused on the happiness of your child and their friends on their special day.


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