7 Must Have Add-Ons In Every Kid’s Birthday Party!


A child’s birthday celebration is very important and it’s always a joyful one. Unlike adults, children love their birthday party, and they benefit a lot from them. They learn quite a lot of important values such as caring, sharing, hospitality, patience and considerably more during their birthday celebrations. Thankfulness and favorable reception are also some of the good things children learn at their birthday parties. So, how do you make this celebration more fun and exciting for them? – By including great add-ons!

Need inspiration? Below are the 7 must have add-ons for a kid’s birthday party:


1. Inflated Latex Balloons

Balloons overly add sophistication and beauty to a birthday celebration. The color of the balloons should fit the theme of the birthday party for an amazing effect. Don’t use balloon valves with your inflated balloons as they can be dangerous to the environment if you’re planning a balloon race. Keep in mind that latex balloons will merely stay afloat with helium for 8-12 hours more or less, so take that into consideration when you begin inflating and do it as close to the party time as possible.


2. Face Painting

Face painting is also an excellent add-on, which children enjoy and love. It’s an incredible method for kids to live their fantasies. Imagine the look on your kid’s face when they look in the mirror and see what they have become! The art of face painting is in huge demand in present day birthday parties, so join the fun!


3. Temporary Glitter Tattoos

How about some glitter tattoos? Yes, draw them on! The tattoos can be anything of interest to the kids, but it’s best to relate them to the birthday theme. It’s not for the kids, the parents and guests can partake as well. After all, it’s temporary. Glitter tattoos are temporary, watertight and will last only for several days depending on the type of skin and maintenance. Make sure to use only high-quality products that are Hypoallergenic CPSIA accredited and extremely safe for the skin for your temporary tats!


4. Lemonade Toast

Add pink lemonade served on a champagne glass and have sprinkles on the rim disguised as salt on margarita to the birthday drinks. Every kid loves them. This refreshing drink is an ideal add-on for virtually any party.


5. Classic Popcorn

Who wants some popcorn? Yes, please! There’s not a kid who does not love popcorn. The birthday party shouldn’t be all about food and drinks, bring some popcorn along!


6. Personalized Playlist

Yes, have your child select and pick their preferred music tracks from his/her favorite artist for the birthday celebration. Let everything about the party be about them, they always love it.


7. Party hats

This is another add-on that makes the birthday party quite appealing. Brilliant hats with feathers and small decorations attached to them would make the youngsters excited.

A child’s birthday party should be full of excitement and fun, so keep it that way. Choose the KidzLounge Add-Ons for your party and let us take care of everything!


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