7 Glow In The Dark Activities That Your Kids Will Love

7 Glow In The Dark Activities That Kids Will Love


Glow in the dark theme is becoming popular day by day and kids are going crazy about it! After all, it looks so amusing that even adults want to indulge in such activities. It has a potential of helping children acquire skills like curiosity, making them want to try out different experiments. Kids like to invent their own games, and they very well understand what they can do and what they cannot.

Thus, take this opportunity and introduce your kids to some of these ‘glow in the dark’ activities. They are going to love them!


1. Glow in the Dark Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is every kid’s favorite pass-time! Now you can make it even more interesting by introducing the glow in the dark theme to it. It is very simple- break open a glow stick and pour the contents into the bubble soap mixture.  Shake it well and there you have it!

Make these with different colors- neon, pink, blue, orange, and let your kids enjoy blowing bubbles in a dark room.


2. Glowing Mason Jars

These jars look so attractive like there are a thousand fireflies in them! It would be every child’s dream to get them. All you have to get is some mason jars, glow in the dark paint and a paintbrush. Take some paint of two or three colors in a palette and paint small dots inside the jar with a paintbrush. Let it dry. Now hand over these to your kids and see how they make stories about an imaginative land of fireflies in a mason jar!


3. Playing Hopscotch

Who wants to play hopscotch? Everybody! This might be the most favorite game for generations now. All you have to do is buy some glow in the dark tape and stick it is the hopscotch shape. Then, stick small portions of tape in the form of numbers and you’re good to go. Invite all the kids and enjoy a flashback of your childhood as you join them for a little game.


4. Bowling in the Dark

If you and your kids are a fan of bowling, this is the perfect game for you to enjoy in the dark. You will need six clear water bottles, six glow sticks and a ball that is heavy enough to knock out the bottles. Add one glow stick as it is, in each bottle. This way, you will have glow-in-the-dark bottles. Turn off the lights and hit it! Enjoy a perfect little night sport.


5. Party At Kidz Lounge

The word party can excite your kids as no other word can! Whether it is a birthday or a casual party, Kidz Lounge is the perfect place for your kids. One of our most popular add-ons is the glow-in-the-dark theme. It includes glow in the dark hairspray, hats, party cups and bowls and much more. It also includes glowing accessories to take home! This will be such a party that your kids would wish never to go home!


Surprise your kids with these games and enjoy the fun that follows. If you want to know more about parties at Kidz Lounge, visit our website or walk into our office and speak to our representatives!


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