3 Best Party Games for Kids

3 Best Party Games for Kids


As a kid, parties are something that brings about ultimate fun. Many kids will surely love spending a large portion of their time with friends, families, and loved ones. They’ll laugh and run around to rejoice and celebrate. However, as a parent, you may find it as an epic responsibility to hold a birthday party for your child.

Of course, your kid’s best party games might be a little bit different or even gain a separate name in some other places. Wherever you live, remember that your kids are sure to create fantastic moments of joy, fun, and laughter with games. Here is a list of top party games for your kids.


1. Musical Chairs

You are aware of the drill, right? This game involves setting up one less chair than the number of children participating in the game. Get the DJ to play you some music, and everyone begins to dance around those chairs until they hear the music stop. Then, everyone rushes to sit on a chair as fast as possible. The last person standing out will be the loser in this case.

Another chair will be removed from the number of chairs available. And the music starts again until it stops. This continues like that until there is the last man standing. Indeed, it is one of the best party games for your kids.


2. Pin the Tail on the Donkey

In this game, you pop a donkey poster on the wall. You can place an order for a donkey poster from online stores. You’ll proceed by blindfolding from one to another. Spin each in a circle in few minutes before allowing them to stick with the donkey tail.

Of course, it might not be a tail or donkey. There are improvised pins and wands to suit the themes of your kid’s birthday party. Pin the wands to the fairy, get the beard pinned on the dwarf and get the tail pinned on the mermaid. Exhibit some creativity to suit your kid’s party games.


3. Egg and Spoon Race

In this game, all players are lined up with an egg balanced on each of their tablespoons. On the “go,” players are subjected to racing to their predetermined finish line. If the eggs on any of them drop, that participant must stop and return it on the spoon before proceeding further. Remember, the eggs need to be hard boiled beforehand for a cleaner finish.


These were just a few, but there are literally hundreds more than you can try! Do you wish to have a few fantastic party games at your kid’s birthday party? Then simply cut the chase and host their party at the Kidz Lounge!


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