5 Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

5 Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Kids


Have you heard people saying, “Oh gosh! My kids are all grown up suddenly, where was I all this time?” Can you sense that bitter-sweet pain when they talk about it? Well, today’s lifestyle does need both the parents to work, leaving back their children to grow up on their own. However, you cannot blame the situation or change your lifestyle requirements. What you can do is include your children in your activities when you are at home. Spending quality time with your kids and as a family is not at all problematic.

Here are five ways through which you can spend quality time with your kids.


1. Make it a part of your to-do list every day.

No matter how tired you are after work, ensure that you spend some quality time with your babies. This could be after you come home, before bedtime, during dinner or whenever you are comfortable. Ask them how their day was, help out with their homework or indulge in some bedtime storytelling. You can also ask them to keep you company as you finish off any household chores for the day. Listening to your kids is the best stress relief therapy of all times. This way you will be updated with their thoughts, joys, and sorrows so you can help them out at all times.


2. Keep away from the gadgets.

For some time of the day, keep your mobile phones aside, as if they were on a DND mode while you spend time with your kids. Don’t switch on the TV or allow your kids to play video games when you return home. They also need to understand what spending quality time as a family means. Sit together and play some board games or indulge in a DIY activity for the house. Cook dinner together, it is a great way to bond with your kids!


3. Play together.

On weekends, before you make plans with your friends to go out for a drink, make sure you have kept aside some playtime for your kids. We have all heard the famous saying, ‘A family that plays together, stays together.’ Go to the park or a playground with your kids and play a few games. If your kids love ball games, you can play football or baseball. Also, if you have a pet pooch in your family, ball-fetch would be a great activity! It will strengthen the bond between your children and your dog. You can also go to zoos, amusement parks and enjoy some fun quality time together.


4. Go for a walk or drive.

Once a week, you can go for a walk or a drive at night, it will be one of the most awaited activity by all family members. You can go up to a nearby ice cream parlor, a friend’s place or visit a relative. This way your kids will learn to socialize better and understand people. You can also discuss how your day has been or your future plans. Even if your babies are very young to understand the depth of your talks, they will feel important in the family. It is necessary to reflect back to the kids that their opinions also matter in family decisions. It is a way of healthy upbringing.


5. Take them to a party.

No, we are not talking about disco. Take them to lounges that are meant for them. Kidz Lounge in Staten Island is one of the best places for a kids party. If it is their birthday or any special event, invite their friends to a party at the Kidz Lounge, along with their parents. Your kids will enjoy with their friends while you can bond with their parents. This way you can make sure they are in a good friend-circle. It will be one of the best gifts you can give your kids.


So get going today! Take some time out from your busy schedule and invest in some quality time with kids. It will undoubtedly strengthen your bond as a family.


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