6 Smart Ideas To Protect Your Kids This Summer

6 Smart Ideas To Protect Kids This Summer


Summer brings warmth, bright sunshine, and lots of time to play. Through it all, you also need to make sure that your little one is both comfortable and protected.

Here are some easy ways to get your little one ready for hot summers coming ahead.


1. Select Cotton Fabric Clothes

On toasty summer days, your toddler is surely at the risk of dehydrating. So to keep your little one cool, choose some loose-fitting clothing made of 100% pure cotton. The lightweight cotton clothes help the air reach the body and let sweat evaporate, which prevents irritation and cools the skin. You can get these lovely dresses with fun prints, collectible colors at very affordable prices.


2. So No to the Layers

Hot weather needs to be dealt with simple, easy outfits with minimum layers. So lose the onesie from beneath your toddler’s shorts and tees to make them feel cool and relaxed. For little baby girls, a simple sleeveless knit dress can make her feel breezy and comfortable.  Little boys can wear casual and cool pull-on shorts and a soft jersey with polo shirts or tees.


3. Safeguard Your Kids From the Sunblock

Though it can be challenging to apply sunscreen to your wiggly little one, still you need to make sure that you do it! Some studies show that sunburns in childhood can make the skin more vulnerable to skin cancer and can dry it off later in life. Physical barrier sunscreens, using titanium dioxide or zinc oxide are much useful to block out harmful rays, and are preferred by many experts over chemical sunscreens. They do a better job at protecting against both UVA and UVB rays. Also, they begin working immediately.

Use a generous amount of cream while applying.  You can make up a song, make it a game,  but just make sure that you apply enough sunscreen on your little one.


4. Select Sun-Blocking Clothes

When you are outdoors, exposed to direct Sun for a long time,  make sure that you buy your kiddo clothes which have total Sun protection also known as the UPF. A shirt rated UPF 15 will let only 1/15th of the sunrays pass through it. To protect your kid even more, look for clothing with a higher UPF rating to block the sunrays even more. You can also wash sunscreen right into the fabrics with a sun-blocking detergent.


5. Include a Hat

Sun hats are an amazing way out if you wish to protect your little one’s face, scalp, neck, and also ears. Look for a hat with a chin strap and a bigger brim, made from lightweight cotton and with UPF protection.


6. Try Sunglasses

To protect their eyes, choose a pair that blocks 100% of both UVA and UVB rays. If your little one is not ready to keep them on their eyes, then try buying one with an elastic band. You yourself can act like a good role model by wearing your sunglasses every time you step out in summers.


We hope this article gave you a few ideas at least to protect your kids this summer! To make their summer even more fun and relaxing, bring them to Kidz-Lounge to enjoy a number of special events, parties, and activities.

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