Parties Aren’t Just For Birthdays! Here Are 10 Other Reasons To Celebrate!


When you read up on kids’ parties, a lot of them seem to relate to birthdays. While an annual celebration of your child’s age is, of course, a reason to party, there are plenty of other reasons to keep you excited for the party atmosphere throughout the year!


An Outstanding Report Card

If your child has made excellent grades this semester, why not reward them for all their hard work?

Meeting a Goal

Whether it’s making the football team or reaching a new grade in music or dance, there’s a reason to celebrate your child’s progression through something they’re passionate about.

A New Sibling

The arrival of a new sibling can often make kids feel overshadowed, so show them they’re still special by giving them a day that’s all about them as they celebrate the new arrival.

Half Birthdays

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate a half birthday. When a child’s birthday is around a major holiday, they may feel as if their birthday doesn’t matter in comparison. A party at the halfway point instead is the perfect way to give them a day of their own.

Moving Away

Moving can be tough on kids, so give them the opportunity to party one last time with their friends and say goodbye on a positive note. Remember to encourage them to keep in touch!

Arriving Home

In the reverse situation, your child may also want to celebrate their return home after a long family trip or a school exchange program. It’s the perfect chance to catch up with their friends in a fun setting.

Winning a Big Game

If your child is on a sports team, winning a big game can mean the world to them. Throw an after party for the team and their friends to celebrate.

The Start of Summer

Kids are always excited for summer break, so why not reward them for all the effort they put in throughout the year and start their summer off right?

The End of Summer

Before heading back to school, they may also be looking for one last opportunity to let loose and have fun before they get back to their studies.

Just for Fun

Sometimes, we all need to have a little fun – and it doesn’t always need a reason!


Whether you’re planning an event for a reason or just giving your kids a chance to blow off some steam, planning your dream party couldn’t be easier. Kidz Lounge can provide an exciting setting, great entertainment and countless add-ons to ensure your child has everything they wish for.

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