5 Ways To Help Your Kids Beat The Summer Heat

5 Ways To Help Your Kids Beat The Summer Heat

Kids under the age of 4 are more likely to suffer due to high temperatures. Also, they tend to forget their thirst while playing. Such little habits may lead to severe health problems like dehydration, sunburn and bug bites, hyperthermia and so on.

Read on to explore 5 ways you can help your kids beat the summer heat!


 1. Make your kid drink plenty of water. 

 According to a recent study, about two-thirds of kids tend to get dehydrated while exercising. To avoid this, have your kids drink lots of water before they plunge out for games. School-age kids should drink about 15 oz water some hours before exercise and about 5 oz 10 to 20 minutes before playing outside.

To maintain this amount of water intake, you can keep a measuring cup handy in your kitchen and make sure that your kiddo drinks as much water as he/she needs.


 2. Choose the right beverage. 

 Sports drinks are many times high in sugar, but they can prove a lot better than plain water. You only need to test and choose the one which suits your kiddo the best and also the one which gives them an appropriate amount of energy. Another alternative is to add an adequate amount of fruits and fruit juices to children to rank up their energy. Add a splash or two of fruit juice to a glass of water. The fruity fresh flavor will encourage children to drink lots of water. Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks like iced tea or colas in summer, because they have a diuretic effect which causes more fluid loss.


 3. Let your kids have easy exercises.

 Summer is the toughest season for your kid’s health. Their bodies need a lot of time to adjust to the growing heat and hot summers. According to a study, kids need about 10 to 14 days for their bodies to adapt to the hot weather and as long as 6 weeks. However, still, if you wish to put your kids into regular exercises, then make sure that you lighten the intensity of exercises and keep it simple for at least 2 weeks till their body gets accustomed to the changing weather and high temperatures.


 4. Buy light dresses for your little ones. 

 Kid’s clothing in summers need to be loose fitting, light colored, and single layered. So, while going for your kid’s shopping, look for fabrics which are designed to absorb all the sweat away from the skin. The fabric should be airy and should not cause any irritation.


 5. You should keep a watch on the weather changes.

Try to limit your kid’s hectic activity before afternoon. Also, keep an eye on the daily weather and avoid sending your little ones out if the temperatures are really high. Pack enough food, water, and energy drinks if you are planning a day out.

These tips will help you take care of your kids even in the hot summers!  If you have more ideas, please don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below!

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