Halloween Will Be Here Soon! Here Are 5 Things You Can Do To Make It Awesome


Halloween is that time of the year when your inner creativity looks to flow out in form of your themed parties and costumes. Everyone tries to stand out in terms of originality. Out of the box may be the best definition to what happens around Halloween. With this year’s Halloween approaching, it’s time to once again get dark and find creepy decorations and terrifying costumes. If your kids, like us, are a fan of the dark side, this must be one of your favorite holidays of the year.

If you too are looking for some unconventional ideas for your Halloween party this year; we bring you ideas for 5 things to make your party awesome.

Candy Structures:

Halloween and candies go along hand in hand. So what if you forget about storing the stacks of candies in packets or bowls to hand out? It is old, too mainstream and not fun anymore. Here’s a trick to spice up things at your party:

You will need tooth picks and gummy or chewy candies. Softly pierce candies through each end of a candy to arrange them in to making horizontal, vertical and symmetrical structures. You can make them as large as you like or as small as you need.

Dry Ice Tricks:

Dry ice has that spooky mystical vibe about it. There are loads of fun tricks you can try with dry ice to raise the entertainment factor of your party. But, be careful about handling the ice, as pressing your bare skin against it can cause frost bites. So use a glove!

Try this: Take a candle, and place it on a bowl or glass container. Pour some crushed dry ice around its base. In a few seconds, the flame will go out, and the gas will settle around it. Now bet any of your friends to try and light the candle. They won’t be able to, no matter how much they try. When they give up, simple blow out the gas, and light up the candle.


This is where you can be most creative. Sit down and think about what you love the most. When you have a few ideas, zero in on a single one by thinking of the “cool” factor. You can go for unconventional ideas like headless ogres, wild creatures or half-dead creatures.


DIY stuff is very popular for Halloween decorations. You have no idea how much awesome stuff you can make from regular household items.

  • Take a balloon, some baking soda, a bottle and mix it together to make blow up balloons.
  • Take a few glow sticks, fix them in an empty toilet paper roll, carve out eyes and make yourself glow in the dark spooky eyes.

There are plenty of such ideas you can find easily online.

The Pumpkin:

How can we forget about the pumpkins? Carving out the pumpkin is basically the first step. You can paint them dark and fix glow sticks inside to give them an extra spooky factor when you hang them. You can also use pumpkins to create ghostly lanterns.

So how are you going to enjoy this Halloween with your kids? We would love to know your ideas in comments!


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