Free and Cheap Summer Camps for NYC Kids

Free and Cheap Summer Camps for NYC Kids


Summer camps can be a bit stressful for your family finances. While many parents will want their kids to have fun, enjoy and rejoice with friends and loved ones, parents won’t want to dig into the retirement funds to pay for summer camps. Even if you have come from a family that’s swimming in money, there will inevitably be a considerable bargain.

Obviously, the summer season is fast approaching, and every kid will soon be out of school on holidays. This is a period to get your kids involved in free and cheap summer programs. This will help them be active, learn, and become healthy all through the summer periods. Here are a few of the free and low-cost summer camps for your kids in New York City.


1. Brooklyn Soccer Clinic

This camp is particularly for kids of ages six and under. Here, your kids will enjoy free soccer classes every Sundays at 10 am. Usually, this holds between June and July at the intersection shore Parkway. Apart from that, it also holds at Bay 46th Street in Brooklyn, NYC. If you want your kids to participate in this summer camp, you can contact 1-718-259-2828 for inquiries.


2. Long Island City, Queens

Specially made for kids between ages four to ten, Long City Islands is one of the openings in New York City. This location is well equipped with 9 indoor tennis courts that specially designed for kid-friendly activities. At every summer, licensed and board certified instructors lead the kids in the fundamentals of tennis. Apart from that, the kids are also taught craft projects as well as engaging lessons to boost their appreciation for sporting activities. The summer camp week at Long Island City includes tennis traditions, Doubles, Greatest Players, and so forth.


3. Brooklyn Game Lab-Tribeca

The widely popular screen free kids gaming headquarter at Brooklyn expands across the river to a new Tribeca. At Brooklyn Game Lab, kids are offered a wide variety of activities. These include role-playing games, creative games, chess, strategic board games, and so forth. These games are designed to serve as a character and learning for the kids. Summer camp in Brooklyn game labs mixes both outdoor and indoor play. This location is open with both one-day and full-week options depending on what you want for your kids.


So, all set to take your kids to one of these free or cheap summer camps for NYC kids? If you want to have your kids in learning and other creative activities this summer, you can also bring them to Kidz-Lounge where they can learn many new, creative things!


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