Creative Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Kids

Creative Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Kids


Birthdays are special for everyone! Remember the time you were a kid and used to wait for your birthday from months before? You also had a list of things to do and dreamed about all the birthday gifts from friends, relatives and especially parents.

A birthday gift from parents is more special for kids than anything else. So now when you are planning your little one’s birthday, bringing or making a creative gift for them will make their big day even bigger.

Here are a few creative birthday gift ideas for your kids.


Gift your kids with building toys.

Blocks, Legos, magnetic marbles, tinker toys, rods, etc. are the toys which entertain and help the kids in using their imagination for building structures as they want. Also, such toys are suitable for kids of different ages. They are durable, creative and can make your kids more and more imaginative. You will see your child bringing friends back home to play with the building blocks for hours!


Bring an art and craft kit as a birthday gift.

Assemble some lovely bright colors, pencils, sketch pens, pastels, white and colored papers, small scissors and foldable easel to make a perfect art kit gift for your kids!
Your gift will bring a broad smile on their faces, and they will enjoy painting and making different crafts with siblings and friends. You can also get involved and spend quality time with your kid in teaching new crafts and making new paintings.


Bring home a cute fluffy friend for your kid.

Pets are the best friends of kids. Pets can make them friendlier, more sensitive and playful. So, bringing home a lovely little kitten or a puppy on their birthday is an excellent idea. This way, you are also adding a new member to the family and giving your child a lifetime of joyful memories.


Gift a dollhouse or a tent.

Little colorful tents for boys and beautiful dollhouses for girls can work magic on them. It will be their perfect hideout, and a cozy corner owned only by them. If you are gifting your kids  tents and dollhouses, make sure that you add some extra effort to them and decorate them yourself.
You can add different soft toys, graphics, fairy lights, some snacks, a collage of their photographs and anything they love. Your additions will make them happier.


Bring them to a party in Kidz Lounge.

If you feel that your kid wants something more than an indoor party with friends, cakes, and snacks, then bring them to an exciting outdoor party. You can bring them to Kidz Lounge in Staten Island to celebrate their birthday. Here they can bond with their friends, make new friends, spend a great time with parents and have an exciting birthday party.

Does this sound like a great idea? If so, take some time out of your busy schedule and plan out a stunning birthday party for your kid at the Kidz Lounge!


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