5 Ways You Can Help Your Kids To Make A New Year’s Resolution

5 Ways You Can Help Your Kids To Make New Year’s Resolution


When a new year begins, we all put together our thoughts towards what we should be accomplishing this year. The same routine, if practiced by children, will make sure they grow through the year doing productive activities. So, if they are making a new year’s resolution, it will be a good idea to invest time and encourage them in this event at the beginning of the year.

Children are always excited when they begin a new activity. They indulge in it wholeheartedly and will probably continue and accomplish the task with the same energy if encouraged rightly. So here are a few ways you can sit with your kids and help them in making a list of the new year’s resolution for 2018.

1. Always focus on the positive points.

Instead of thinking or writing down negative sentences like, ‘I did not do well in academics last year,’ tell children to write positive sentences. So ‘I will do well in academics this year’ is the right motivation. When you map out your child’s thought process, make sure it has a positive outlook for the year. This will help them keep on to the task without feeling burdened. Also, when they are halfway through the tasks, they will be able to see their own graph and become aware of the areas they need to improve.

2. Suggest, but let them pick.

We understand that you know the areas your child will excel at. However, give them suggestions as to what they can do but leave it up to them to choose their resolutions. This way, you are giving them space to find their passion. A new year’s resolution should be your kid’s commitment, so it is essential they indulge in goals that they want to accomplish. Otherwise, they will not be inspired to complete tasks they listed down. So, encourage them to make their own decisions and follow them.

3. Show them your resolutions and display them in a corner.

Children learn from adults, especially parents. They always picture themselves in your shoes and wish to copy you in every way. Thus, if you show them your resolutions and follow them regularly till you accomplish your tasks, it will motivate them. Another thing you can do is to display the list in a frequently visited corner of your house. So, there will be no chances of them being out of sight, out of mind. You can print out the new year’s resolution list on attractive designs and patterns, so they are always inspiring. Pinterest has some very beautiful templates and posters for this.

4. Make it a tradition.

One of the easiest ways of teaching your child the importance of a new year’s resolution is to make it a family tradition that must be followed each year. Every year, sit down together and make a list of things like your aspirations, your dreams, and your fears. Then talk about how you can overcome and accomplish them. Though your little kids might not understand everything you speak about, they will follow this pattern for a better future. It will also become a family bonding time where you share your thoughts together.

5. Remember to keep the list small.

It is always a good idea to keep the list small. This will make sure you do not have many tasks that might not be accomplished in a year. This could lead to disappointment and discouragement for the following years. So always encourage your kids to write down a short list for new year’s resolution. When they can see their progress, they get inspired on their own.


Thus, make some fun new year’s resolutions along with your children and see your progress through the year. You can also give treats to the kids when they accomplish their tasks. Throw them a party; it is an ultimate source of encouragement!


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