5 Useful and Cool Website for Your Kids

5 Useful and Cool Website for Your Kids

We are in the digital age and making maximum use of it should be a top priority. One of the top ways to do this is to find informative, engaging, and educative websites for your kids to learn from. However, one question frequently asked by most parents, is how to know and choose the such sites for their kids.

In our bid to finding a long-lasting solution to this problem, we have come up with 5 websites that are educational, entertaining, engaging, have a user-friendly interface and best for your kids’ improvement.


This site is known for its educational games which are fun and educational at the same time. The website has various subsections to enhance its usefulness for its users. Preschoolers are also called in on to action on this website with the help of their guidance.

Giggle Poetry

Giggle poetry is one of the most recommended websites for kids who have a problem with reading. The site has a word, and reading games in forms of a poem and the kids are made to rate these poems using their “giggle meter.”


This is another helpful and cool site which is known to help children in their computer typing ability. The typing challenge comes in different forms such as math, wordings, language arts and more. What’s more, is that it doesn’t require personal information before it can be accessed neither do you need to download anything.

Invention at Play

Invention at play enhances creativity skills of its users. The site does this by offering kids a chance to dream, play and experiment by creating various games such as virtual block problem solving or word game which enables the kids to stretch their imagination.

PEEP and the Big Wild World

PEEP and the big wild world is an educational website with many resources channel to improving kids at their disposal. It is known to be among the most recommended sites for kids age 3 to 5 years. Along with this, it has the ability to offer offline tasks for both kids and parents to widen their horizon.

Having gone through different task-solving activities, the next thing to do is to look for where your kids can cool off to refresh their memory. And of the company that has proven itself to be the best at doing this is Kidz-Lounge.

With the different program packages we have, you’ll undoubtedly be WOWED beyond your imagination!


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