5 Easy Ways to Be a Fantastic Parent

5 Easy Ways to Be a Fantastic Parent


From time immemorial, parenting has been researched and studied based on parents’ reactions to wrong things done by their kids rather than considering the consequences that could result from such acts. If you haven’t built a perfect relationship with your kids, chances are that your kids won’t listen to you.  If you are unsure of the qualities of a good parent, here are a few of the easy ways to be a fantastic parent.


1. Treat Your Kids with Respect

As the adage says, “respect is reciprocal.” Your kids deserve respect just as much as adults. You need to imbibe the culture of speaking with them politely. Apart from that, you need to provide them with free will to air their opinions. Kids tend to act the same way you treat them, especially whenever they are among other kids. This will strengthen the relationship between you and your kids.


2. Be Loving

Showing love and affection to your kids won’t spoil them. Often times, parents always subscribe to the belief that showing too much love to their kids would spoil them. However, in the real sense, kids aren’t spoiled by love and affection but by replacing love with material possessions.


3. Be Consistent

One of the essential tools when it comes to parenting is consistency. Rules don’t vary daily in unpredictable situations. Identify the rules that are non-negotiable and stick with them irrespective of the circumstances surrounding them. You need to judge them based on wisdom and power. Your kids will derive sense in this kind of treatment.


4. Play with Your Kids

Provide your kids with the priority of selecting something of their choices. Let them choose the activity they want to engage in and do not worry about the rules at all. Go with the flow of the game. Above all, have fun with your kids.


5. Remember that Discipline isn’t a Punishment 

Whenever you enforce limits or boundaries on your kids, it shows them the real way to behave. This could also help them build their competency when it comes to caring for others.


There you have it! Perhaps a few of the easy ways to be a fantastic parent. But by no means this is an exhaustive list. Being a great parent requires great effort and you have to acquire as many good habits as you can to take good care of your kids. So go on, start being a great parent today!



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