5 After School Activities For Hours Of Entertainment


Do you ever find your kids complaining that there’s ‘nothing to do’ after school? Once they’re finished with homework or chores for the evening, they may be a little bored on weeknights, so take a look at these ideas and help them create fun activities to share with their friends!


Movie Night

Everyone enjoys a night at the movies, especially if they’re with friends. At Kidz Lounge, your child and their friends can enjoy a movie experience of their own with plenty of comfort, popcorn, pizza and drinks as they lounge on a comfortable bean bag chair and watch their favorite flick.


Join an Extracurricular

Extracurricular activities are organized, safe and will allow your child to get involved with something that interests them such as a sport or hobby.

It’s worth noting that these don’t just have to be school related – there are plenty of opportunities elsewhere such as the Girl or Boy Scouts of America, youth or church groups and sporting organizations.


Explore the Outdoors

Getting outside can be just as exciting as any indoor activity – if not more so! Set your child challenges and share great project ideas for them to take part in with their friends. Perhaps try a treasure hunt in a park or a truly epic game of hide and seek in a sprawling garden.


Midweek Pick-Me-Up

During a stressful school week, it’s perfectly normal to want to take a break and relax once you’ve reached the halfway point!

With Classy Wednesdays at Kidz Lounge, your child can enjoy a little pampering to melt their stress away with some fun, dancing, spa treatments and sparkles!

The package includes the use of spa robes and flip flops, a sparkling manicure, pedicure and makeover as well as refreshing pink lemonade, served in a luxurious champagne glass!


A Break at the Lounge

For a little fun without a particular theme, drop your kids off for an evening (or even a day) at Kidz Lounge, where they’ll be entertained by trained staff along with video games, foosball, air hockey, movies and plenty of snacks, pizza and drinks to enjoy.

Whether you’re off for a parents’ night out or have a busy weekend coming up, your kids will have plenty of safe, organized fun without you having to worry.

Whether you plan a fun activity at home or feel like throwing a get together at a venue, your child will be excited and grateful to have something new and fun to look forward to. Don’t hesitate to take a look at the options available at Kidz Lounge for even more afternoon inspiration!

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