5 Activity Centers In Staten Island You Can Encourage In Your Kids’ Learning Years

5 Activity Centres In Staten Island You Can Encourage In Your Kids' Learning Years


In the busy lives of our kids today, they sometimes don’t find enough opportunities to have fun. However, it is essential that they get some time to explore themselves and acquire new skills. So as parents, you have to make sure that you take them to places where they can learn and grow. They need to indulge in activities in the real world, leaving alone those video games and favorite TV shows. Staten Island is just the right place for such activities!

Thus, we take you on a tour of some of the best activity centers in Staten Island that your kids will love to go to.


1. The Staten Island Zoo

The Staten Island zoo is an enchanting peek into the world of Wild animals! It is home to some of the endangered species like the Leopard and Fossa. This zoo offers a safe habitat for all the animals while being safe for visitors as well. There is also time for some adventure at the Fear Zone which is home to snakes and reptiles A barnyard setting is recreated at the children’s zoo while you can pet some animals at the Kid’s Korral. Also, the headline-making weatherman who gets 85% of his predictions right- Chuck, the groundhog, resides here!


2. Staten Island Children’s Museum

This museum will bring out an explorer or scientist in your kid. It is beautifully designed for children of all ages-toddlers to tweens. It exhibits various pieces while hosts different activities. Some of them are- crawling through a human-sized ant hill, donning a bug’s exoskeleton, hearing like a cat or seeing from a dog’s point of view. These activities bring an adventurous spirit in children. It helps them look at life differently, increasing curiosity.


3. Snug Harbor Cultural Center

This is a cultural center and botanical garden which hosts activities in various fields like Horticulture, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, etc. They have clubs like Performing Arts Salon Saturdays and Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art. So your tweens can indulge in activities and develop extracurricular skills. The Connie Gretz Secret Garden is very special because of its maze- which is a complex puzzle of paths and plants. It is inspired by The Secret Garden, a children’s classic by Frances Hodgson Burnett.


4. Carousel for All Children at Willowbrook

This Victoria style merry-go-round opened in 1999 and is still one of the most favorite places for children and their parents. The carousel has 52 carved wooden figures of mystical beasts, endangered species and animals like zebras, gorillas, spotted leopards, giraffes, a mandrill, and panda bears. It is maintained by the Greenbelt Conservancy and remains open from May through October. The rides cost about $1.50 per person.


5. Fly High

NYC’s first trampoline park, Fly High offers a wide range of fun activities. Apart from the main fly high court, the features include bungee slingshot, flying foam pit, bouncing basketball, dynamic dodgeball, etc. The main fly high area is a large area of wall-to-wall trampoline pads separated by cushioned walkways. There are different sections divided into age groups, so you don’t have to worry about your toddler bouncing next to huge kids. The kids just can’t get enough of it!


So, take your kids to such places; it will help them in their learning years! If you are rather looking for a fun place to throw a party or celebrate something, then we have just that! Check out Kidz Lounge, the best kids party place in Staten Island.


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